Newport Waves

Where a simple gesture and common courtesy will help improve safety for all.

Newport Waves is a community campaign. It is up to all of us to reach out to our own customers and constituents however we can. We each need to think about where and how we can share the message. And then make it happen.

There are many tools available to help us reach EVERYONE. We have secured grants to get us this far. And we continue to look for additional funding to keep the campaign running and to track progress.

Now it’s up to all of us to get the word out.

We’ve created many tools for all of us to use. The print materials are not free, but they are beautiful; they are professional; and they are fun. They are also reasonably priced.

Have fun with the campaign and involve your members, your staff, your customers and your constituents. Think of clever ways to make the campaign even more visible. And go do it!